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STEM Workforce Development - “I am the future of Science”

STEM Workforce Development - “I am the future of Science”

Kids' Tech University is a program at Virginia Tech with one primary goal: creating the future workforce in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by sparking kids' interest in these fields. Throughout our site you will find links to careers that are related to the discussed topic, specifically see the Interactive Sessions faculty member pages and the Virtual Kids' Tech University site

Parents, please share the career links found throughout the KTU websites with your children! An example "career link" can be found here: Click the blue & green button: "Career Choices for this Topic"

Thank you to the Virginia Career View [], sponsored through the Virginia Department of Education, for providing an exceptional database of careers geared towards the K-12 age. Children, parents and educators are welcome to view the Virginia Career View site!!

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