Past KTU Programs - Kids' Tech University (KTU)
Dr. Lou GuilletteMarch 28, 2009
“Why are Plastic Bottles Bad for Alligators?”

An interactive session led by Dr. Lou Guillette

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We live in a modern world of plastics. These plastics are used for everything from bike safety helmets to baby bottles. We see how these items help us in our everyday life and we believe they are safe and even make us safer. For example, we believe a plastic bottle is safer than a glass one, as we can get cut on a broken glass bottle. But...are all these plastics really good for us and the environment? Do we need to learn about the potential dangers of some plastics that are used to store our food? And why in the world would we think about baby alligators and plastics at the same time? Our program will explore the world of pollution and the many ways plastics can help us, but also potentially hurt the environment, including the health of alligators and us. We will learn which plastics might create problems and what people from around the world are doing to make a safer and cleaner environment for themselves and the animals that live around them.