Past KTU Programs - Kids' Tech University (KTU)    
Program of Events at Virginia Tech

January 2017
What will your community be like in 25 years?
Dr. Sallie Keller

March 2016
Why do snowflakes have six points?
Dr. Chris Fennell

March 2015
What are viruses and how do they make us sick?
Dr. Sarah McDonald

February 2015
Space weather - the final atmosphere!
Dr. Ivan Galysh

February 2014
How do you see inside the human body?
Dr. Bradley Smith

April 2013
“Why Do Doctors Need Math To Treat Diabetes?”
Dr. Boris Kovatchev

March 2013
“How can my phone make my boat safer?”
Dr. Leigh McCue-Weil

February 2012
“Will Computers Replace Humans?”
Dr. Wu Feng

January 2011
“Patterns are Everywhere! How and Why?”
Dr. Reinhard Laubenbacher
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January 2010
“Why is Mathematics like Magic?”
Dr. Arthur Benjamin

April 2009
“Why Can’t Humans Survive on Mars?”
Dr. Phil Christensen
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Program of Events at Bowling Green State University

March 2017
Roots - the hidden half of plants and how they are made
Lucia C. Strader, Ph.D.

February 2016
How do you measure a growing plant?
Dr. Edgar Spalding

March 2015
What’s the best way to grow crystals?
Dr. Andrew Torelli

April 2013
Why Doesn’t My Banana Get the ‘Flu?
Dr. Brett Tyler

January 2012
“Patterns are Everywhere! How and Why?”
Dr. Reinhard Laubenbacher

Program of Events at Virginia Tech's Southwest Center in Abingdon, Virginia

October 27, 2012
Patterns are Everywhere! How and Why?
Dr. Reinhard Laubenbacher

April 20, 2013
Why Is Antarctica So “Cool” To Geologists?
Cristina Millan

April 05, 2014
Will Computers Replace Humans?
Dr. Wu Feng

October 11, 2014
Why hang with your friends? Answers from an African Wild dog
Dr. Kathleen Alexander

April 16, 2017
Why Do We Stay in Bed When We’re Sick?
Dr. Dana Hawley

Program of Events at Army

October 19, 2013
Why Is Antarctica So “Cool” To Geologists?
Dr. Cristina Millan

November 16, 2013
What are viruses and how do they make us sick?
Dr. Sarah McDonald

December 07, 2013
What Will I Eat if All the Honeybees Die?
Ms. Martha Kiene

Program of Events at Ohio

January 11, 2014
Why are we both good and bad at multitasking? | OSU
Dr. Daniel Keller

February 08, 2014
How fast is your visual system? | Denison
Dr. Nestor Matthews

January 17, 2015
Why are spiders your friends? | OSU Newark
Drs. J. Andrew Roberts and Kelly E. C. Roberts

February 14, 2015
How can microorganisms be helpful? | Denison University
Dr. Christine Weingart

February 13, 2016
How does Google work? | Denison University
Dr. Ashwin Lall

March 05, 2016
What is your brain doing RIGHT NOW? | Denison University
Dr. Heather J. Rhodes

January 14, 2017
How do engineers work with solar and wind power?
Dr. Jolanta Janiszewski

February 11, 2017
Why do volcanoes erupt?
Dr. Erik Klemetti

March 04, 2017
How did your body do that?
Dr. Melanie Lott

April 08, 2017
How Do We Know Black Holes Exist If We Can’t See Them?
Dr. Michael (Mike) Stamatikos